Children's Psychiatric Residential Treatment (PRTF)

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Children's Intensive Behavorial Supports Program (IBSP)

Our Intensive Behavioral Supports Program (IBSP) was specifically designed by certified Lakemary staff IBSfor children whose treatment needs are even greater than those that could normally be accommodated in our Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (PRTF). These high needs children and adolescents, who have been unsuccessful in other treatment settings, can now be served in our PRTF receiving one-on-one 24/7 specialized therapeutic supports.  Here, they learn the basic skills necessary for success in transitioning to a less restrictive PRTF environment.  

Lakemary's IBSP, created in 2010, is now being modeled by other agency providers throughout Kansas and the Midwest. This program has allowed Lakemary to reach some of society's highest needs children sooner providing new opportunities to reduce the level of supports that will be needed into adulthood.