Children's Psychiatric Residential Treatment (PRTF)

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PRTF Admission Information

Referrals to Lakemary's PRTF come from a number of sources including families, home school districts, and mental health professionals.  Referrals are reviewed by Lakemary's clinical support team to be sure that the child can be safely served in our PRTF.

It is expected that individuals will continue to be served at Lakemary until such time that this level of care is no longer needed and alternative community supports are in place.  Children can receive residential treatment at Lakemary through their 22nd birthday.

Sources of funding accepted from: Managed Care Organizations, Medicaid, school districts, various state funding sources, or private pay sources.

PRTF Admission Criteria:

  • Children and adolescents ages 6-21 years old, male or female, whose needs have exceeded the resources of their home communities.
  • Children & adolescents who have been diagnosed with an intellectual/developmental disability and a co-occuring psychiatric diagnoses or severe behavior issues.

To begin the admission process:  Contact our Admission team at (913) 557-4000 or make a referral with the easy-to-use referral form below.


If you would like to learn more about our program or tour our facility, please contact us to schedule a visit.