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Lakemary Endowment Association

The Lakemary Center Endowment Association was established in 1975 as the sole fundraising entity for Lakemary. Since that time, the Endowment has dispersed millions of dollars to help support Lakemary's operations, activities, special programs, and capital projects to benefit children and adults served.  Lakemary continues to be recognized as one of the key charities in the Kansas City community, and the trustees of our Endowment Board have played a key role in establishing our strong reputation.

Lakemary Endowment Association Trustees:

Joanie Muehlberger, President
John Fisher, Vice President
Marilyn Barbour-Gray, Secretary
Carolyn Jacobs, Treasurer
Mike Everett, Past President

Tommy Elms
Bob Fagan*
Sally Flood*
Patrice Schmitz Hall, Ph.D.*
Teddi Hernandez
Joan Horan
Thomas K. Jones*

Carol Kerrigan*
Stephen Kitts*
Tim Lang
John F. Murphy*
Cheryl Perry*
Mike Sanders

*Honorary Trustee