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Lakemary's K-12 School

Families, education professionals, and northeast Kansas communities look to Lakemary as their Smart Boardresource for specialized learning options for children and adolescents with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) coupled with extreme behaviors and/or psychiatric diagnoses.

Here, on Lakemary's beautiful 32-acre campus in Paola, Kansas (just 30 miles south of Kansas City) some of society's highest needs children find the specialized education and supports they need to maximize their opportunities for growth and development.

At Lakemary's school, a traditional school day and calendar are followed.  Low-density classrooms help ensure each child's opportunity for success.  Each classroom has its own unique focus - children are placed with similar aged peers with similar functioning levels.  Teachers utilize the structured teaching Boymethod, which is particularly effective for students with limited verbal ability.  Functional learning and social skills development help students for life beyond Lakemary.

Behavior, both positive and negative, is always considered purposeful at Lakemary School.  School staff are considered an integral part of the treatment team.  All professionals working with students communicate with each other, with the student, and with the student's family to develop an individualized Behavior Support Plan for each child.  Staff are trained in Safe Crisis Management (SCM) and a team of non-classroom staff are ready to assist when behaviors of students arise which have the potential to create an unsafe environment.  View our Emergency Safety Interventions Policy Handbook for Lakemary School.


All students have access to individual and/or group therapy in the following areas:Tablet

  • Speech
  • Occupational
  • Music
  • Art
  • Behavior
  • Adaptive Physical Education
Outpatient Therapy is available during school hours for qualified students.

Lakemary accepts both day students enrolled through their home community and those students admitted through Lakemary's Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (PRTF).  Individualized Educations Plans (IEP's) are developed for all students and specialized curriculum, therapy, behavior, and transition supports are provided according to each child's needs.

Please view our 2017-18 Lakemary School Calendar here.

School Administration:

Principal: Marcy Seaman
Assistant Principal: Troy Collier