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Supported Family Living (Foster Care)

There are times when a child’s intellectual/developmental disability leaves their natural family unable to cope. At such times, Lakemary can step in to help broaden the circle of loving care by matching and placing children in need, between the ages of 5-21, with a Lakemary trained therapeutic foster family.

These home placements are an alternative to their natural home or group residential living. All providers in our Supported Family Living program are carefully screened and trained, and each is licensed annually based on a review by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE). Lakemary provides continual support throughout each child’s stay to ensure a safe, stable, nurturing environment for these children and adolescents.

Placements are long-term and the involvement of the natural family is always encouraged.

Successful provider families are made up of various dynamics but some knowledge or experience with the I/DD population is preferred.

Foster Family

Providing a supportive family home for a child with I/DD requires hard work and commitment. While Lakemary provides all of the required trainings and any supports necessary to have a successful partnership, it is important that the entire family agrees to welcoming a child with I/DD into their home on a long-term basis.

Parents who are interested in becoming a provider family are invited to contact the Supported Family Living Coordinator at Lakemary who will arrange an interview and provide an application for the family to complete.

Members of Lakemary’s Supported Family Living team include: the foster family, the biological family (when applicable), Lakemary staff including the Supported Family Living Coordinator, Supported Family Living Specialist, and the case manager. Each team member is involved in making important decisions for the child and ensuring that all needs are met.  Read about "A Day In The Life Of An SFL Family".

Supported Family Living Provider Families Are Expected To:

  • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to changing a child’s life by bringing the child into their home.
  • Provide positive structure and supports for a safe home environment.
  • Use positive discipline.
  • Work as part of a team with case managers and biological parents.
  • Follow KDHE licensing standards.

Supports Provided By Lakemary:

  • Recruiting, training, and providing support to foster homes for children with special needs.
  • Training, support, and assistance to meet and maintain current licensing standards as required by KDHE.
  • Exceptional reimbursement rates at a level substantially greater than that for typical foster care.
  • Access to 24 hour crisis support.
  • Assistance as needed to maintain a safe and positive environment for the child.
Interested in becoming a provider family?  Contact us or at (913) 416-1146 and download the program application to get started today.

Already a provider?  Access current provider family information here.