COVID-19 Response Fund

While the coronavirus pandemic continues to present unique challenges to our organization,  our commitment to doing everything in our power to protect the health and safety of everyone we serve and our staff remains our top priority.

You can support Lakemary during this time by donating to our COVID-19 Response Fund. Your gift will provide vital essential items to our clients and healthcare staff such as face masks, hand sanitizer, basic hygiene items, and more.

Donate Now

Read about the CARES Act Charitable Giving Incentives

If you have any questions about donating, please contact Karlie O’Hara at or (913) 535-4810.

Covid 19 Donations

Thank you to the following organizations and individuals who have donated and supported us during the coronavirus pandemic:

Joan Horan
Walmart #242
Marina Guthrie
Duane Graber
Shirley Sanders
Larry Jacobs
Johnna Schreckhise
Patricia Diekemper
Ronald White
Cross Point Church
Mark Angers
Rita Markham
Marilyn Pilkey
Brandi Spiva
Amanda West
First Baptist Church of Osawatomie
Len & Gail Williams
Luke & Sara Hornbacher
DLC Creations – Donna Cawley
Aileen Lanier
Josh & Regina Prater
Shelly Newport
Natalie Latta
Irene Meinig
Kenneth Latto & Family
Rebecca Johns
Yolanda Lee
Tim & Shari Strickling
Heath & Jacque Harmon
Dianne Tebben
Lauri Jacklovich
Connie Attebery
AuBurn Pharmacy
Trisha Brauer – Taking Bids
Karen Carr
Jill Eaks
Michelle Gavin – Holy Trinity School
Kevin Hendrickson
Liz Little
Jodi Livengood
Virgil & Patricia Lyons
Cindy Tinsley
Sharon Buford
Holladay Distillery
David McIntyre
Cait Goode
Loretta Smith
Alyssa Smither
John Fagan

Andrew Noflin
Max Nuxoll
Brenda Nicoski
Donna Lindsey
Brad Christian
George Spaulding
Cathy Freeman
Blue Chip Wrestling
Donna Stites
John & Jennifer Isenberg
Dee & Joyce Pack
Amber Seck
Charles & Mary Van Petten
Liz Compton
Frank & Cheryl Perry
Rosalie Voorhees
Reliance Label Solutions, Inc.
Lea Miller
Ying Ren
John & Stacy Handcock
Jenny Weaver
Barb Fehling Fisher
Shirley Paul
Denise Bradley
John & Donna Irby
Lil’ Red Hen Quilt Shop
Steve Kemplay
Luke & Sara Hornbacher
Sarah Ball
Renee Noflin
Megan Olsen
J. Rieger & Co.
Lisa Ryckert
Mike Sanders – Humana
Dorothy Schneider
Mary Srader
Westside Family Church
Mike Whelan – Miami Co. Sheriff’s Office
Rita Cunningham
Patricia Lacey
Beverly Clemens
Cassie Rogers
Sonya Brightwell
Butch & Amanda Martell
Garrett & Rachel Stevenson
Mike & Anna Perkins
William Butcher