Help Us Ensure Healthy Futures!

At Lakemary Center, we care for a vulnerable population of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. COVID has challenged us in ways we never could have imagined, but it hasn’t stopped our mission to ensure these individuals experience a safe, healthy, and meaningful life.

To date, ZERO individuals served by Lakemary have tested positive for COVID. Our Medical Team and direct care staff have been instrumental in this achievement, and now additional resources are needed in order to maintain and build upon this success. Our next step is to establish the ability to do rapid on-site testing to medically diagnose and treat individuals as needed. We also need to add more resources to provide quality telecommunications services to all in our care and their families. This includes telehealth services and steady communication options for people to stay connected with their loved ones.

Donate Now

Your gift will allow us to secure:

1. A rapid diagnostic testing machine and an ongoing supply of testing kits

  • Provides results in minutes, eliminating the current 48+ hour wait time
  • Better informs our medical team of treatment plans and the need for quarantine
  • Lessens the strain on staffing and betters our ability to keep environments virus-free
  • Allows for the testing of all viruses, including the flu and RSV, that our medical staff needs year-round and well beyond the current pandemic

2. Additional TVs and computers with internet access for individuals to receive telehealth and telecommunications services

  • Reduces risk of exposure to COVID that individuals would experience if transported to our clinic
  • Allows for both medical and therapeutic services to be delivered virtually while continuing to provide face-to-face support and high-quality care
  • Eliminates barriers to receiving services for the adults we serve who live in various sites across both Miami and Johnson county
  • Provides more opportunities for those in our care to remain in steady communication with loved ones by video chat

Thank you to these organizations and individuals who donated to the COVID Response Fund at the beginning of this pandemic and helped us secure face masks, hand sanitizer, basic hygiene items, and more!