Day Services for Adults

Lakemary offers Employment, Volunteer, and Leisure & Learning opportunities in Miami and Johnson counties for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. Individuals can choose to participate in any/all options.

Day Services for Adults

Day Services for Adults


Lakemary offers various types of employment opportunities for the individuals we serve. Many are able to work independently or with the assistance of an on-site job coach, either in the community or at worksites. Others have better success completing jobs in-house in our Business Solutions service centers.

Employers have come to recognize the quality of employees they can hire through Lakemary and appreciate the support our staff provides. Lakemary staff support each individual’s success and assist in the development and maintenance of these jobs.

We also offer a Careers & More program to empower young adults ages 18-29 with intellectual/developmental disabilities to pursue academic excellence and learn independent living skills.


The adults we serve love giving back to the local community. Our individuals have volunteered at nursing homes and with wonderful organizations including Mission Southside, Harvesters, Meals on Wheels, ASPCA and Prairie Paws. They have also participated in aluminum can recycling.

Leisure & Learning

Lakemary offers alternative programs in which adults can enjoy meaningful leisure activities. These can take place in the community or in a comfortable, home-like day program environment.

Day Services for Adults

To learn more about our Adult Day Services, give us a call at (913) 557-4000 or fill out our contact form.

Lakemary Adult Centers

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