Lakemary will host renowned violinist Doug Cameron this fall on October 9, 2022. Doug is known as an innovator of jazz violin and for his dynamic, engaging performances, Doug has performed internationally and alongside a diverse range of amazing artists including Tony Bennett, Cher, Kansas, Tom Petty, and Dionne Warwick.


Doug also performs as a guest soloist for symphony orchestras across the country in a unique program featuring his own arrangements.  One of those concerts with The Kansas State University Orchestra was featured on a PBS special.


Our tournament hosts for the 2022 Lakemary Golf Classic are sponsoring Doug’s trip to Kansas City and the Sunday afternoon concert held at St. Mary’s Magdalene Episcopal Church. This special event is a fundraising event for Lakemary.


Doug will be travelling to Kansas City with his family, which includes a wife and two sons, both of which are also talented violinists and may have an appearance at the concert.


Seats are limited. 

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