Get to Know Heather Osborne, Medical Assistant/Testing Coordinator

Work At Lakemary

In the midst of a pandemic, Heather was driven to help as many people as possible and make a difference. She recently joined Lakemary as a Medical Assistant/Testing Coordinator and conducts all the COVID testing for our employees and adults that we serve.

TestHeather relays test results to our COVID Team for tracking exposure within Lakemary as well as KDHE to help with state and county tracking. Her role is important to help plan and organize future testing strategies to keep up with the pandemic.

“While this year has been an uncertain and scary time, I am proud to know that I am part of a team that works well together,” says Heather. “It takes a huge team to make one care plan come together for one resident. In the short amount of time I’ve worked here, I have already seen the compassion that team members have and how dedicated they are to their jobs.”

Visit our blog to learn more about testing and new staff safety measures that we have enacted during COVID-19.

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