Get to Know Miranda Kranz, Day Services Coordinator

Work At Lakemary

Miranda Kranz is a Day Services Coordinator who helps provide meaningful activities, learning opportunities, and work to individuals in our day program in both Miami and Johnson County. Working with individuals with special needs is her true passion, and over the past five years, she has held a variety of roles working with many talented and kind people.

Work At Lakemary“I started at Lakemary in the Adult Health Services department, then became the Administrative Assistant for Adults shortly after,” says Kranz. “That role was so eye-opening for me. I was lucky enough to have a mentor who exposed me to so much of what was going on in all departments, and I loved learning about all that Lakemary provides for our individuals.”

A few years later, Kranz became the Day Services Coordinator in Miami County and played a big role in how the program was run. In early 2020, she began splitting her time between both Miami and Johnson County working in both day programs.

“The individuals I work with each day steal your heart in the best kind of way!” says Kranz. “They light up when you walk into a room; you are like a celebrity to them. I have learned so much from them including patience, kindness, and humility. They live their lives to the fullest with no regrets. I admire them and continue to be a better person because of what they bring to my life.”

Kranz credits her co-workers for supporting and encouraging her through each day. The work can be tough, but she can always count on them. “Having a good team that supports one another and provides the best possible care for the individuals at Lakemary is so important,” says Kranz. “I have truly been blessed with my career with Lakemary and can’t wait to see what my future holds.”

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