Get to Know Stephanie Givens, Direct Support Professional

Work At Lakemary

Stephanie Givens is a Direct Support Professional who has worked at Lakemary for three years. Her previous work as a para and many years of being a caregiver for her mom influenced her decision to work in this field. As a DSP, Stephanie provides care and support for a group of women with special needs that live together.

Each day, Stephanie helps these ladies arrive at their job and complete their work. She also assists with meals and coordinates fun activities, outings, and games. They even volunteer together and serve others in the community through Meals on Wheels. When difficult emotions and behaviors arise, Stephanie is there to help these individuals process what they’re feeling and use coping skills.

Watch this video to hear Stephanie talk about her work at Lakemary:

“These individuals have taught me so much about unconditional love, trust, and respect,” says Stephanie. “I have also learned patience, understanding, and how to laugh at myself. I am truly blessed because I have a job that may not always be easy, but I know I make a difference.”

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