National Nutrition Month (Part 1) – Information & Resources


March is National Nutrition Month and Lakemary wants to help promote this occasion because we believe strongly in eating healthy! It has been a focus of our services in recent years to better educate, encourage, and provide resources to our individuals served so that they can live healthier lives.

Whether it is staying active through activities (like Field Day, Special Olympics, Zoom Dance Classes, or a lovely walk in the park) or providing healthier meal menus, Lakemary takes great pride in this aspect of our care. Not to mention all of the educational opportunities out at Lakemary Ranch that are connected to eating and living more sustainably.

We also have a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on our staff, overseeing the Nutrition Program in our school and PRTF. Her name is Courtney “Muffie” Kruse and we are so lucky to have her! (A profile of Muffie is coming early next week)

Here is Muffie on KCTV5 back in 2014 while she worked at Hy-Vee.

Muffie is going to be doing occasional blog posts to share information, tips, and recommendations to improve our eating/living habits. Having this kind of expertise on staff is just another way Lakemary provides the best care to our entire community!

We did want to share a few resources to help get you started on a healthier track:

If you would like to find more resources, feel free to visit

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