Specialized Foster Care

Specialized Foster Care is a program designed to provide living situations for youth (ages 5-21) with intellectual/developmental disabilities whose needs cannot be met at their natural home.


Lakemary’s foster care placements serve as a more focused-care environment while encouraging the involvement of the youth’s family. Lakemary provides continual support throughout each child’s stay to ensure a safe, stable, nurturing environment for these children and adolescents.


The idea of fostering a child with disabilities may seem intimidating but Lakemary’s Specialized Foster Care is designed to support these arrangements to ensure they are successful.


Members of Lakemary’s Specialized Foster Care team include: the foster family, the biological family (when applicable), Lakemary staff including the Specialized Foster Care Coordinator, Specialized Foster Care Specialist, and the case manager. Each team member is involved in making important decisions for the child and ensuring that all needs are met.


Children placed in Specialized Foster Care are eligible for the HCBS (Home and Community Based Services) Intellectual and Developmental Disability Waiver which allows for significantly better financial support as compared to other foster services.

Foster Care Support includes:


  • Individualized Assistance throughout licensing, training, and placement
  • Collaboration in matching the right fit for placement
  • Exceptional reimbursement rates
  • Specialized training
  • Close-knit network of other foster families

A Supported Family Living Foster Care Program helps:


  • Youth live, work and thrive in a community
  • Foster independence and teaches life skills
  • Provide a structured supportive treatment setting
  • Enhance quality of life

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