Teamwork Isn’t Just A Favorite Word Of Mine

Over the past 39 years, I have seen so many changes take place at Lakemary.  I’ve seen great people come to Lakemary, and I’ve seen great people move on to do great things outside of Lakemary.  As I look at our organization today, I couldn’t be prouder of the work we do and the team we have in place. 

Teamwork is something that matters a great deal to me.  I’ve seen it matter the most in times of a challenge (last year with Covid).  I’ve also seen it in action in little moments when someone on the staff is struggling and someone steps up to be there for them.  You will hear me speak about teamwork often.  I truly believe we are all better together and serve better as a team!

I enjoy reading books about great leaders and I’m currently reading one by John Wooden called, “Wooden on Leadership.”  There is quote in the book that I believe speaks to Lakemary’s success as an organization, “team spirit, loyalty, enthusiasm, determination …. acquire and keep these traits and success should follow.” That is exactly what Lakemary was built on 52 years ago and what we all strive for yet today.  I admire this man for a number of reasons including winning 10 NCAA Championships in 12 years (not bad), but mostly for his valuable life lessons that he shared before his death in 2010 at 99 years of age (he almost hit 100!).  He is known for telling his team to, “be your best when your best is needed.”  Powerful, right?  What if we all strove to be our personal best when the best was needed? 

I would argue that the Lakemary team is always at their personal best and giving their best to the individuals we serve.  Why?  Those are the kind of people who are attracted to Lakemary and the work we do here.  They are also the kind of people who make a career at Lakemary.  It just happens that way.

Teamwork.  It isn’t just a word.  It’s an action.  What ideas do you have for creating more teamwork at Lakemary?  Shoot me an email with your ideas!


Kirk J. Davis

Interim President/CEO