Lakemary School Referral

Referral requirements

  • Students ages 6-21 years
  • Must have an active IEP
  • Must have a dual diagnosis of a developmental disability (intellectual disability and/or autism) and psychiatric disorder

Student Referral Process

  1. When a school district feels they have explored all placement options with their district, a student referral can then be sent to Lakemary School by surrounding school districts.
  2. Referral forms, current IEEP, BSP, Psychological Evaluation or Education Evaluation (including IQ scores) and behavioral data is submitted to Lakemary School for review.
  3. Lakemary School admissions team reviews the information to determine if student seems appropriate for the Lakemary School setting.
  4. If determined suitable, a Lakemary School representative will schedule an observation of the student with their current academic setting as well as conversation with their current teachers, to determine if placement at Lakemary School would best fit the student’s needs.
  5. Once a student is accepted and admitted to Lakemary School, a team meeting will take place 30 days after admission to discuss initial progress and if enrollment at Lakemary School past 30 days is warranted.

Referral contact

Please reach out to Lakemary School Social Worker Lindsey Schultz, LMSSW 

for referral documents and additional information: 

(913) 259-7785

PRTF Contact Form

*Please allow 1 week for a response.

Student Information