Our Story

Lakemary is a story of COMPASSION, supporting children and adults with intellectual and developmental differences for more than five decades.

In 1969, Lakemary’s story humbly began when our founders, the Ursuline Sisters of Paola, shared a calling and passion for supporting children with special needs. They generously donated 32 acres of land and Mother M. Charles McGrath led the charge to get funding to build the school. Over the next few decades, Lakemary became an accredited school and expanded services for the children.

As the children aged and eventually graduated from Lakemary School, it seemed natural and vital to add services for adults. The adult program launched in 1982 to include group homes, day services and vocational training. Over the next few years, Lakemary became accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

We have supported thousands of people with special needs and their families for over fifty years. Today, we continue to celebrate our history and our compassionate services, as we empower those we support to achieve their individual potential.

Our Board of Directors, Executive Team and Staff are proud of our history of accomplishments as we continue to focus on leading Lakemary into the future.

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