Meet Our Executive Team

Kirk Davis, M.S.
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Shawn 02
Shawn Kelsey, CPA
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Administrative Services

Teddi Hernandez


Teddi Hernandez
Vice President of Marketing, Development & Communications

Amanda 02
Dr. Amanda Martell, Ed.D.
Vice President of Children’s Services

Courtney 01
Dr. Courtnie Cain, PsyD
Director of Health & Clinical Services

Tracy 02
Tracy Price
Director of Adult Services

Ven Et 2020 2
Director of Human Resources

Marcy 01
Marcy Seaman, M.Ed, M.SpecEd
Director of Special Education & Lakemary School Principal


Dr. Shalaunda Gray, MD
Medical Director

Meet Our Board Of Directors

Lakemary’s Executive Board of Directors is charged with maintaining the highest standards of service and governance. Elected every 3 years, our board members reflect a range of viewpoints, backgrounds, and expertise.

Mike Sanders – Chair

John Fisher – Vice Chair

Lydia Marien – Secretary

Gayle Richardson – Treasurer

Tommy Elms

Mike Everett

Barry Fink

Joan Horan

Carolyn Jacobs

David Kaseff

Tim Lang

Nancy Lusk

Molly Meek

Harold Mitts, Jr. 

Paul Sokoloff

Gary Weinberg